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What is a WEAR Sustain Hub?

WEAR Sustain Hubs


As the wearable, smart and e-textile eco-system grows there is a need for support structures to help develop ideas and share knowledge. As part of WEAR Sustain’s commitment to the growth of the eco-system we have established a network of Hubs across Europe which will help develop ideas with projects we have funded and also start developing a community for people to collaborate going forward.


What is a Hub?


The WEAR Sustain Hubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be described in many different ways – collectives, co-operatives, labs, incubators and can be static, mobile or online. However, what is common to the WEAR Sustain Hubs is existing experience in wearable tech and e-textiles or adjacent fields, experience in hosting and interacting with network or communities, previous involvement in interdisciplinary research (technologists and creatives), or good connections to research partners, industry and creative communities.


What can a Hub do for me?


WEAR Sustain Hubs will work with teams selected through the Open Call process in a number of ways. This will vary from case to case, but possible practical support could be given in the form of:


  • Research And Development
  • Co-working Space / Studio Space
  • Training / Workshops / Events
  • Access To Equipment, Skills, Resources, Networks
  • Incubation, Business Support, Mentoring, Financing
  • Retail Opportunities
  • Living Lab technology and prototype validation trials with users and improvements


Alongside this WEAR Sustain Hubs will also run networking events so people successful in the Open Call can meet with other people in the community and share knowledge and experience.


Where can I find out about the WEAR Sustain Hubs?


All the Hubs are listed on our online network. Using the network you can find the closest hub to you, or the one that provides the services you need to develop your project.


To find out more about the WEAR Sustain Online Network take a look at our webinars page here –