Open Calls

€2.4m Creative industry and technology collaboration funding for wearable tech, smart or e-textiles co-creation.

WEAR Sustain has two Europe-wide competitions. The first Open Call closed at the end of May 2017 and the second will open on 15th November 2017. The aim of these is to support creative and technology collaboration for the development of critical, ethical, sustainable and aesthetic Next Generation wearable technologies. Scope includes wearables and e-textiles worn on the body that may collect body data and/or data about your environment.


The program is seeking applications from creatives, such as artists or designers, to collaborate with technologists or engineers. We aim to support strong, well developed project ideas and take prototypes to the next level.


A total fund of €2.4m will be made available over two years, to fund up to 48 teams. Projects will receive support and input from mentors, experts and hubs to help realise ideas, and promote developed prototypes.

Open Call Themes

WEAR seeks proposals that address current and pressing issues facing European and global society. The themed areas will guide proposals for WEAR Sustain funding.

Applicants must engage with one or more of the themes in a critical and creative way, proposing solutions to these issues. For Open Call 2, these themes are:

  • Use, reuse or Waste
  • Batteries & energy sources / generation
  • Sourcing and life-cycle
  • Data collection & Privacy
  • Social / Workplace
  • Body / Physiology / Somatics
  • Open Category

Irrespective of the chosen theme(s), both major concerns (ethics and sustainability) should be addressed in the proposal. The challenges involved in developing prototypes that are both ethical and sustainable will contribute to a Sustainability Strategy, to guide future ethical and sustainable or circular design and development methodologies. A full description of themes can be found here.


OPEN CALL 1  has now closed.


Call 2 Opens 15th November 2017
Submission Deadline 15 January 2018)



WEAR Sustain is looking for up to 26 teams to work together to design and develop compelling aesthetic, ethical, environmental, and sustainable solutions for wearable technology and smart or e-textiles development, across all possible application domains. Up to €50,000 of funding is available to each team, which offers the means to jumpstart promising co-created concepts.

Winners will be promoted as pioneers of ethical and sustainable wearables, and e-textiles.

Selected finalists will be invited to pitch to a panel of experts in the week of 7th – 9th February 2018. Winners will be notified by 16th February 2018. Teams must be prepared to work together on their prototypes from the 19th March 2018, over a period of 6 months.


Support and Finding a Partner:

Please attend one of the WEAR Sustain events for support and to meet a potential collaborator. WEAR Sustain webinars are available , to help with the application process. Register on the WEAR Online Network where you may source a collaborative partner. You may find a partner independently if you prefer.






Entry Guidelines:

Please read all funding application guidelines below, prior to making your application.
Teams submit a complete electronic application in English via the WEAR Sustain portal. This portal will be used to communicate with the applicants throughout the selection procedure.

All applicants must register on the WEAR Sustain Online Network and complete their profile.