(not available as home hub) Statex Produktions & Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1978 and is located with its headquarter in Bremen, Germany. Claudia Erichsen, the daughter of the founder Kurt Bertuleit manages the company. Statex Produktions & Vertriebs GmbH metallizes Textiles and Yarns to be able to use the characteristics of different metals in a flexible, textile form. (For example Silver, Copper, Tin, Nickel). Statex supplies different textile producers for finished products within different markets. The focus, however, are intelligent textiles, conductive yarns and fabrics for technical applications in the automotive industry, High-tech sensor development and robotic. Antibacterial yarns and fabrics are made for medical applications like wound dressings or antibacterial clothes. EMI-shielding Tents and Pouches for the aerospace and aviation Industry and antistatic fiber for carpets in several fields. Another core is the development of customized products for the individual customer needs.

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