FutureJewels - Creating Wearable Objects with Playful Interactions FutureJewels focuses on the creation of responsive, wearable objects that create playful interactions by sensing bodily and environmental stimuli, and expressing these through activating elements that contain lights or consist of colour changing chromic smart materials. Our project concentrates on exploring how playful, open-ended interactions could benefit specific user-groups, such as those with sensory impairments, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety conditions to support particular therapeutic approaches such as the discreet monitoring of autonomic responses and diversionary therapy. The prototypes we have developed are made from biodegradable chromic PLA, and incorporate optical fibres as well as sensors that can measure bodily impulses, such as heart rate and temperature. This makes them both sustainable as well as particularly suited for use in a medical context. To add to this, all non-recyclable components such as thermochromic silicone elements and electronics assemblies, are made fully accessible for easy removal, repair or replacement at the end of their lifecycle. Developing jewellery objects that encourage users to explore them tactilely and playfully by responding to a change in certain stimuli, such as an increasing heart rate, with surprising and enchanting metamorphoses while providing aesthetic intrigue to encourage this interaction, is the main focus of this project.

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