Check it out - The FashionFilter

Check this new initiative in the Fashion Tech Farm. Since one month the production facility for innovative fashion in Eindhoven is transformed to produce face masks.

The Fashion Filter is an online pop-up store initiated by the Fashion Tech FarmLABELEDBY. and, supported by TU/e and EE Labels.

We aim to contribute to the social acceptance of wearing face masks during critical times like these. Together we can make a change. Join the movement! Order your favorite #thefashionfilter via the  webshop.

Or download the free open-source template here and make it yourself!

The Fashion Filter is a continuous development in shape, pattern, materials, functionalities, collaborations, production methodologies and style. We make use of the strengths of digital manufacturing techniques such as lasercutting, sublimation and 3D-Printing. All products are produced on demand and locally at the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven. 

Or order the DIY kit. This one also comes in nice prints!