FEMTECH FORUM 2020 - the first global virtual conference about FemTech - June 25

The FemTech Forum is a celebration of innovation in women’s health, spotlighting tech-powered solutions and products that are disrupting the market and changing our everyday lives for the better. 

Investors are starting to recognise the value of this industry, which is estimated to be worth $50 billion by 2025, according to Frost & Sullivan. Women in the workforce spend 29% more per capita on healthcare than their male peers and they’re 75% more likely to use digital tools to track their health. A decade ago, just $23 million worth of venture capital was invested in the global FemTech industry, according to PitchBook data. That figure grew at a modest pace until 2015, when there was a spike in funding that totalled $334 million. In 2017, VC investors participated in 49 deals in the FemTech space, totalling $354 million.

Join us on Thursday, June 25th, 2020 to hear and learn from some of the most inspiring founders, innovators, investors and influencers in FemTech, on a wide range of topics, including fertility, sexual health, designing products for modern women, the gender gap in medical research and more. 

The FemTech industry is booming, and we’re excited to see what’s to come!