Fight the Crisis / Fight COVID-19

Billions of people in lockdown. Artists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs around the globe join forces to find solutions to various problems created by the spread of COVID-19. 

Have a look at the below list of hackathons and initiatives to fight the crisis. Check them out and join forces

The Global Hack (9/4-12/4)

Global Online Startup Weekend (april)- check locations & dates for your country

CoronaHack - AI vs. Covid-19 (14/4): A virtual hackathon bringing together Biomedical and data scientists to explore ways to combat CoronaVirus.

FabCafe launches global competition ‘Mask Design Challenge 2020’ to tackle coronavirus mask shortage crisis (17/03 - 09/04)


Hack The Crisis Belgium (27/3-29/3) - The Belgian startup community brings the Hack the Crisis movement to Belgium.

Empowering the 3D printing community to fight COVID-19

CodeVsCOVID19 (27/3 - Zurich)

Hackforce Latvia (19/3)

Hack the Crisis Estonia (13/3-15/3)

Hack for Wuhan (6/3-8/3)

Join EnCata to fight COVID-19

IBM Call for Code 2020 Global Challenge

There are many more .... Please feel free to share them!