Join Mars & Beyond: Post-Apocalyptic Festival

Between the 18th of February and 15th of March 2020 along with many artists & contributors we will create a memorable event with speakers, talk shows, sci-fi cinema, plenty of visual art, DJs, musicians, VR experiences and more. 

The Venue

The whole event will be immersive and packed with audiovisual stimulants, stretching over 5 floors at the iconic Bargehouse in Central London (behind OXO Tower).

We are still looking for talents across the board who fit the themes: Our Planet / sustainability, Space ventures, alien life and sci-fi.

The venue offers 13 spaces over 5 floors, with the combined floor size of 1,400 sq metres or about 13,000 sq ft. Each floor will have a slightly different role and flavour. There will be a shop enabling each artist/contributor to sell their prints or any relevant merchandise.

The Event:

Mars & Beyond merges two very important and relevant themes of the 21st century.

We all know about the global warming, deforestation, animal species extinction and the plastic pollution in our oceans. Almost on the other end spectrum, we are witnessing the revival of space ventures in the private sector. The race is on between China and USA, ESA and many other countries.

The event will be set in the near future, say 2070s portraing where we are at as a human race. We will be serious and scientific (lower floors) as well as brave in predicting and futuristic (top floors). This combination will bring both; education and a warning, as well as entertainment. We are aiming to make the whole experience as unique and unforgettable as possible. A blend of fine art and immersive show arresting all the senses. Something being worth to come back to with friends.

The whole building must come to life as one giant artwork full of surprises.


 As an artist and art lover I grew tired of ‘regular’ art shows at straight-walled galleries.

The Bargehouse space will give us an option to change the status quo and present the art in a unconventional, more interactive and immersive way (more about that on request / at later stage and individually)

 As for the art purpose, it is about time to focus on urging subjects such as helping our planet. I believe that Art can play an important role in our survival.


We are still looking for:

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