The Capaz Project is the second community project from OFundamentO (FNDMT) and is calling artists to make the mask as canvas, creating a new art statement.

Creative manufacturing

Here at OFundamentO (FNDMT) we have been working hard to adjust our manufacturing network to the new challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the need for the industry to adapt and to use new technologies, and this is what we are looking for right now.

During the last weeks, we asked ourselves – how can we contribute to a solution? In a moment of crisis, don’t we just need art around us? The positive effect of something visually stimulating helps us to get through hard times.

And then it hit us – aren’t we just sitting in the middle of maker and manufacturing heaven, aka Porto, Portugal? Let’s produce a new canvas to the artists out there in this world – the mask!

We believe the mask is the new canvas, it’s a new way to make a statement. Even more so – it can become a collector’s item, an art piece!

The mask is your canvas!

After the successful Kickstarter campaign of The Knitting Project (the first community project of OFundamentO), we are launching The Capaz Project.

We want to show the role of Art in times of crisis, as a very powerful tool to overcome fear and insecurity towards the new reality. We are calling artists from all over the world to an experimental art project, creating an art piece version of the mask. More than protective gear, we want to create a statement, expressing ourselves artistically through this common use item.

The international call for artists is open now!

Send us your creative ideas – it could be illustration, digital art, watercolour painting, or jewelry. Release your imagination and create with us an art statement through the masks.

In this first round, the OFundamentO (FNDMT) team will select between 3 to 5 art projects to be produced by our high-quality manufacturing partners in North Portugal. We will only produce a small number of these designs, turning them into a restricted series of collector’s items.

Your art piece will be part of a capsule collection, exclusively commercialized by Cru Loja, both online and at the physical store in Porto. As our previous community project, we are not aiming to be profitable here, the sales will be only to cover the production costs.

If you want to join us in this experimental project, let’s figure out together how to make an art statement through protective gear. The mask is your canvas!

You have until Friday, May 22, at midnight (Lisbon Time) to submit your interest. Please send us your name, contacts, professional Instagram profile, and portfolio to