WEBINAR - Women in e-textiles on July 8

Join Women of Wearables for our July webinar where we will discuss e-textiles, smart textiles, wearable fashion and all in between!

July 8 from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM CEST - Online Webinar

Electronic textiles or e-textiles (often confounded with smart textiles) are fabrics that enable digital components such as a battery and a light (including small computers), and electronics to be embedded in them. "Smart textiles" are fabrics that have been developed with new technologies that provide added value to the wearer. 

Pailes-Friedman of the Pratt Institute states that "what makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy and even grow".

For our July webinar, we gathered five of our WoW women and e-textiles experts to discuss and share their stories about working in this space, their achievements, trends they see emerging in this sector and more. Join us virtually and make sure to prepare your questions for our panelists! Those who have registered for the webinar will receive a link for a video call two days prior to the event.

Register now and use code WEARSUSTAIN to get one of the 10 free tickets for our WEAR Sustain community members.