What happens to non-reusable textiles ?

Eco TLC is committed to promoting the circular economy with respect to Clothing, Linen and Footwear (CLF). Identifying and classifying recycling solutions for textiles is a crucial step in understanding the issues involved in closed-loop or open-loop recycling.

This first chart illustrating the products obtained through recycling of post-consumer textiles depicts the different technical steps required to transform an item of clothing that cannot be re-used into a new product. At present, these products are available on a commercial scale or are at the experimental stage. In addition, the chart also includes R&D projects into textiles that are supported by Eco TLC as well as a selection of other interesting research projects into recycling of textiles. This mapping allows you to visualise the diversity and interdisciplinarity of the sectors involved when we speak of the circular economy for post-consumer textiles and the potential of specific solutions still under-exploited.

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