During the first  Open Call  WEAR Sustain held three webinars to support applicants.


Slides for this webinar are available  here – WEAR Webinar 2 May 2017

Slides from this webinar are available here – WEAR Webinar – 9 May 2017


Who should join?


  • Art, Design & Technology practitioners/businesses interested in applying for our Open Call.

Artists, fashion designers, product designers, interaction designers, technologists, engineers, programmers & start-ups interested in developing new directions in wearable technology and smart textiles that are in ethical, sustainable, environmental and aesthetic


  •  Hubs and institutions interested supporting their network to apply for our Open Call.



Why should I attend and what are the benefits?
Our webinars will provide you with key information about our funding, presented by friendly and informative WEAR sustain partners. You can ask questions during the seminar through an interactive chat panel.
The value of webinars include:

  • Relevant examples relating specifically to the application questions.
  • An explanation of the process to help you feel confident in applying for funding.
  • Useful information on the types projects we fund and what we are looking for, reject reasons and governance information.
  • Opportunity to ask questions.
  • Understanding how to find a suitable partner across Europe.


During the webinar we will talk you through:



  1. The WEAR Project, benefits and proposed outcomes.
  2. The Open Call, eligibility criteria, priorities and what we might expect from a strong proposal/collaboration.
  3. The application process and how to use the F6S Open Call Platform.
  4. The €50,000 funding and how to use it.
  5. Pan-European support to the winning projects – what to expect from our network of hubs, experts and mentors.
  6. The WEAR Sustain Online Network, engaging your WEAR community and finding a collaborative partner.


After attending a webinar you will hopefully:


  • Be in a better position to develop your application.
  • Have greater confidence in applying to our Open Call.
  • Understand how to find a collaborative partner.


How do I register?
To register your interest in our webinars please click on the link below for the session you would like to attend:

Webinars last approximately 30 minutes with additional time for questions and answers.

If you would like further information on our webinars, please email us at info@wearsustain.eu